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Welcome to my blog

I am Anil Tulsiram (Anil), based out of Bangalore. I am a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst (USA) with over 10 years of post qualification experience in Auditing, Financial Due Diligence and Equity Research. You can read more about me on my linked profile.

You can contact me through email –  You can also follow me on  twitter.

Topic index

My Investment philosophy / Copy of Presentation on my investment philosophy given to small group of friends. 

Stock specific discussion – Special Situations

Sah Petroleum – Value Buy or Value Trap 

Sah Petroleum – Why this GENEROUS gift to MINORITY shareholders? [Update: My suspicion proved to be WRONG]

Aeonian Investment [Possible delisting which later turned into voluntary winding up case]

Suashish Diamonds – Delisting case – Another case of collusion?

JRG Securities [Now Inditrade Capital] – Trading below its LIQUIDATION value with a catalyst to unlock value 

Delisting of Suashish/Fresenius – Same Same but Different 

Delisting: 1) Rhodia Speciality 2) Richo India 3) Ahlon Parenterals 4 ) DIC India

Claris Life Buyback Analysis



Stock specific discussion 

ZF Steering – Steering in a duopoly market, but WATCH  OUT for management actions….

Is Indag Rubber a CLASSIC Value trap? –  May be, May be NOT 

Mahindra Holidays – Bad Business Model for Customers, Also Suffers From Red Queen Effect

 Shriram Transport – Safe play on SME finance

Kitex Garments


Diversification – Beyond % allocation 

Delisting framework Part I – Failure has Patterns 

Delisting framework – Part II – Fooled by Randomness?

Delisting Framework part III – Seek Uncertainty on Favorable terms

Delisting Framework part IV – Use Checklist and Mindmaps

The Battle for Investment Survival – Book Review

How to get Lucky

Amitabh Singhi: Follow Graham to Survive

Tweedy & Browne: On Macro Uncertainty, Growth Investing, and some tips to budding analyst

Free Capital – amazing journey of some private investors

Return Per Unit of Time Invested

Sustainable Moat: Five force analysis is NOT Enough

Paul Sonkin – We Fish Deep & We Fish Alone

Ralph Wanger- Identify LT trends, Buy Small Cap & Aim only Multi-Baggers

Ralph Wanger Part II: Have your own investment Philosophy, Value vs growth investors

Bharat Shah: Buy Quality & Only Quality at Fair Price and Hold for LT

Objective of this blog:

My main purpose is to get connected with like-minded people and seek discomforting views on my investment ideas and philosophy. As of now I do not have any portfolio performance record to talk about and had incurred huge losses during 2008 downturn. Please do your own due diligence, if you decide to buy/sell stocks discussed in this blog. Please read standard disclaimer below

Standard Disclaimer:

I am not an Investment advisor and do not offer this service via this Blog. The stocks discussed on the blog and each post are for educational and discussion purposes only and are not recommendations to buy or sell stocks. I may or may not have a position in the stocks discussed on this blog. For any investment decision, please contact a certified investment advisor.

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