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Turning Back Pages of My Investment Journal – Engineers India

Disclaimer: This is NOT a recommendation to Buy / Sell or Hold Note: I had written the below extract in April 2013. Things must have changed now.  ” since exceptional judgment is crucial to virtually all investment strategies, a critical element of … Continue reading

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Lakshmi Machine Works – Process Vs Outcome

“The thing I like to say here is the idea of process versus outcome. The world looks at outcomes but really should look at the underlying processes that produce those outcomes. I believe one should focus on INCREASE IN INTRINSIC VALUE rather than increase/decrease in share price to judge whether the process was right or wrong. Continue reading

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How to get Lucky

My near and dear ones might be surprised to find a post by me on HOW to GET LUCKY. Being an atheist, for long I have the denied role of luck or gave it much less importance than I should have. … Continue reading

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