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Transcript of my talk delivered at Flame Alumni Meet

What Causes Long term Loss of Capital – High Valuations or Lack of Sustainable Profits Note: This is slightly edited version of my talk delivered at Flame Alumni meet which I have reproduced based on my memory. You can download … Continue reading

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Good Business Vs Bad Business for Investors? No its Just NOT dependent on HIGH ROE.

Acknowledgement: In no way I would like to take any claim for the below finding. The below finding stuck me while re-reading all the interviews of Mr. Bharat Shah. The concept of Good Business and Bad Business is inspired from the post … Continue reading

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Some Common Mistakes by Investors

Over the last one year I attended 3-4 fantastic value investing conferences. Many of the investors had spoken their heart out and many were not comfortable sharing their presentation publicly. Hence I have omitted the company and speaker names. But this … Continue reading

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Ralph Wanger Part II: Have your own investment Philosophy, Value vs growth investors

You can read part I of this post here. Note: Unless otherwise stated, the words in italics are extracts from the book “A Zebra in Lion Country”  IMPORTANCE OF HAVING YOUR OWN INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY “An investment philosophy is important not in … Continue reading

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Amitabh Singhi: Follow Graham to Survive

Note: I have compiled this article based on various interviews available on internet of Amitabh Singhi, some of which are quite dated. In this post, I picked up those quotes which I liked most. This post is not an attempt … Continue reading

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