My presentation at Flame Alumni meet

Disclaimer:  This is not a recommendation to Buy/Sell/Hold.

Recently I was lucky to get an invitation to make a presentation at Flame Alumni meet. Unfortunately I goofed up a bit. I was told to make presentation on my Mindmap process but I misunderstood as my Investment process. May be it was the result of over excitement over my first public presentation.

Few years back, Flame University had started a new initiative called Flame Investment Lab . I got to know about the program last year. Last year I was hesitant to attend the program because of the fees, but this year decided to attend the program. I am glad that I attended the event. The best part of this program is that you get to connect with lot of value investors who do not have any online presence. Getting a chance to interact with who’s who of Indian stock market is an experience in itself.

I will rank my presentation in the bottom quartile compared to rest of the presentations. Nevertheless I am sharing my presentation hoping that it will help at least to new investors in building up their investment process. You can download the presentation from here or from here

You can download my checklist [Mindmap] from here [on which I was supposed to make presentation] or from here

You may also want to go through Tasty Bites mindmap to understand the checklist better.

You can use Xmind free software to create mindmaps

Details of Financial Interest in the Subject Company:

My close relatives  have holding in the company. Please consult your financial advisors before taking any buy/sell/hold decision. I may change my opinion post publication of this note and may not be able to update because of time constraints

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5 Responses to My presentation at Flame Alumni meet

  1. KS says:

    Hi Anil,

    I have downloaded the file “Investment Process_Flame_Anil.pdf” but it is not opening (giving an error) can you please re-check the file?

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