Compilation of Mind-Map Analysis & Extracts of ARs

Over the last two years, I had analysed lots of companies and prepared mind-maps for few. I have shared some of these on various forums, some on mails to close friends and some on twitter. Now I have compiled all these mind-maps & extracts of annual report at one place. You can find it here. Going forward I will try to update this page on regular basis with new mind-maps and extracts of annual reports.

The purpose is not to recommend any stock as buy or sell, but just to share the framework which I have followed to analyse these stocks [This framework itself has evolved over the last two years]. It might be useful to investors who are new to the investment field.

I tried to explain the benefits of preparing mind-maps here.

Please note that all these mind-maps are quite old (some were prepared as far as 2012). I may or may not have position in these stocks. Over the last few years my investment style has changed drastically. Now I no longer invest in companies like G M Breweries. Please do your own due diligence.


  • None of the material posted should be regarded as advice to buy/sell any stock. I do not have any proven stock performance record to talk about.
  • As a professional investor, I may or may not have positions in stocks discussed.
  • Main objective is to seek contra views and not to recommend any particular stock as buy or sell.
  • All the posts on this blog, including this one, are for educational and discussion purposes only.
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5 Responses to Compilation of Mind-Map Analysis & Extracts of ARs

  1. Jazz says:

    Still holding Mold Tek ?
    Problem is not the demand, but the capex. Already over 1X DE ratio, do you think they will be able to meet the demand without further stressing the BS ??


  2. Sorry.. Please ignore earlier comments on Mold-Tek. I mixed it up with paper products….On Mold-Tek no idea. I just read the annual reports.. nothing more than that…


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